Our step-by-step instructions and tips will give you all the details on what you need to know and exactly what to do, so take your time and learn the steps and you'll be applying the product like a pro in no time!!!!



Clean your nails with nail polish remover or alcohol wipes.

TIP 1: Always start with clean, dry hands. Avoid any oils or moisturizers, as they will affect the results of the application.

TIP 2: If you buff the surface a little, the foils will grip better or you can apply a base coat, especially for people who have naturally oily nails.



Push your cuticles back, not only will it give you more room to glue your nail strips but it will also make the finish look more professional.



Select a nail wrap that is slightly smaller than your nail.

TIP 1: It is very important to select a nail wrap that is slightly smaller than the nail. There should be a small gap between the edge of the nail wrap and the skin. DO NOT stick the nail wrap directly over your cuticles.



Align the nail wrap at the base of the nail and press firmly to smooth it out.

TIP 1: If you have naturally curved nails, once you get to the tip, pull the nail wrap a little to stretch and fit the curve perfectly.

TIP 2: Press hard on the edges to make sure the nail wraps adhere properly to your nails. You can use the cuticle stick to remove any remaining bubbles or wrinkles.



File under the tip of the nail to remove excess.

TIP 1: File in one direction only. Filing in many directions can cause the nail wraps to lift and bubbles to appear.

TIP 2: Be sure to fold the excess wrap over the tip of the nail before filing.

TIP 3: You can cut the nail wraps in half and use them for another nail.



For longer wear and better results, apply a top coat and seal it around the tip of the nails. Be sure to apply the top coat over the entire surface of the nails.

TIP 1: Be sure to apply only a thin layer of top coat.



Et voila! Seduce new nails.

TIP 1: Avoid water for a couple of hours for best results.

TIP 2:
DO NOT apply our nail wraps right after showering. Wait a couple of hours to make sure your nails are no longer damp so the wraps will stick properly.

TIP 3: Mix and match the remnants of your nail wraps and create your own designs.


Apply a couple of drops of cuticle oil to the nails around the skin area and massage a little. Push the bottom of the nail wrap with the cuticle stick to lift the cuticle and gently remove it.

TIP 1: You can use more cuticle oil as you go to help peel the wrap away from the nails.

TIP 2: To avoid damaging the nail, DO NOT pull too fast, take your time, it's not difficult.